Decisions Through Unquestionable Data


Integrity with relentless pursuit of excellence. Compassionate and superior healthcare delivery.


We give physicians the opportunity to practice medicine in a private practice environment without any non-medical distractions.


We are a rapidly growing multidisciplinary integrated healthcare company with new providers joining our team every week. Could you be next?

Practicing medicine in the 21st century with Physician Partners of America

Imagine Your Only Job is Practicing Medicine

Seeing patients. Delivering care. Rendering treatment. Being a doctor. That’s what made you want to be a doctor in the first place.

Yet, like most private practice physicians today, you spend countless hours dealing with insurance companies, government mandates, office management, suppliers, billing and a host of other administrative, non-clinical tasks. Add to that reduced Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, rising costs of overhead, and the expense associated with a multitude of new regulations and your private practice is faced with extreme challenges to its survival. Primarily, of course, all of these distractions take away from the time you spend providing the high-quality patient care you want to provide.

You need a partner. A business partner. Someone to take off your shoulders all of the administrative functions that don’t require a degree in medicine. You need Physician Partners of America.

When you join with Physician Partners of America, you retain the freedom to practice good medicine as you see fit. You are relieved of all the non-medical distractions of running a private practice. You reap all the financial rewards of your own hard work. Behind you are the reserves of a successful, well-funded and experienced healthcare organization dedicated to you and your patients.

PPOA Values

  • Compassionate and superior healthcare delivery first and foremost
  • Embrace change
  • Integrity with the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Decisions through unquestionable data
  • Be the first thought our physicians think of when the word “partnership” comes to mind

New Ideas. We move towards what works.

We are not afraid of change. We embrace it.

The Traditional Private Practice Model Is A Thing Of The Past

As a private practice physician you are well aware of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and the economic pressures that threaten your practice’s very existence.



  • Challenging insurance reimbursements
  • Increasingly complex insurance contracts
  • Constantly changing in-network and out-of-network rules
  • Ever-changing procedure coding


  • Increasingly complex federal requirements and paperwork
  • Escalating government mandates including electronic record-keeping
  • New state and federal legislation


  • Malpractice insurance
  • Employee costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Office rent
  • Medical supplies


The good news is that you have a way to adapt and not only survive but thrive while you practice the quality of medicine you demand from yourself. At Physician Partners of America we offer you a true partnership - one that will assist you in navigating and succeeding in today's complex healthcare arena.


PPOA Partners gain access to a variety of multi-disciplinary practices such as; pharmacies, urgent care, primary care, pain management, ambulatory surgical centers and more.


      Meet our Phyician Partners Who Show that Physicians Care and Patients Matter

      At Physician Partners of America, we are a dedicated team that partners with physicians to assist in navigating and succeeding in today’s complex healthcare arena. We bridge medicine and business to deliver impeccable service to our physicians, patients and stakeholders.


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